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Guangzhou Silk Road Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Our company is a professional sales ambulance, specializing in pre-hospital first-aid cause of the company. My company to scientific innovation and love life for the core business philosophy, a professional sales team, according to the actual needs of customers, in-depth study and professional program design, and fully meet the needs of users in all aspects. From the beginning of the order to start the car, to the vehicle modification work progress and completion, and then to after-sales service technical support, our company provides professional design and intimate tracking service, and strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Is the source of Guangdong Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. authorized sales "Shangyuan" brand ambulance exclusive agent.

Guangdong source Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province is a wholly-owned state-owned enterprises affiliated companies. The company was established in August 1970, the existing staff of nearly 500 people, plant covers an area of 55,000 square meters, all kinds of processing equipment more than 360 sets, the average annual turnover of more than 300 million yuan. The company mainly engaged in business scope: logistics equipment system integration design and manufacturing, all kinds of special vehicle design and manufacturing, truck special maintenance.

The company produced the "Shangyuan" brand ambulance series known throughout the country, it began in 2000. The company introduced the absorption of German professional ambulance technology, combined with the needs of domestic users ambulance technical improvements, but also with Germany, Russia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries have close contact with the cooperation, product development and production process system have been fully optimized , To produce a more suitable for national conditions of the professional ambulance.

"Shangyuan" brand ambulance selection Jiangling Transit, Toyota, Jinbei, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz and other well-known chassis at home and abroad to be modified, after more than 10 years of continuous exploration and development, the production of ambulance products are included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Automotive Products Bulletin". In recent years, "Shangyuan" brand special vehicles gradually to the specialization, specialization, the direction of refinement, the number of ambulances in the line was well received. Guangdong source Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. has become a well-known ambulance manufacturers in the ambulance industry in a leading position.

As the exclusive agent of "Shangyuan" brand ambulance, Guangzhou Silk Road Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. not only in the Chinese market accounted for a seat, but also open the foreign market, ambulances more exported to Peru, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar and other countries.We will be happy to provide our clients with quality products and improve its services, so that customers understand the "Shangyuan" brand ambulance, for the hospital before the emergency business for greater contribution.

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