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  The multi-functional Oxygen Collecting Bar
Connected to the control panel with high-volt resistant metal pipe, where panel is fixed on the left and front of the cabin, near the doctor, it has: 1 oxygen terminal, 1 connected Humidifier, 1 Ventilator terminal, 1 special joint for connecting ventilator. Humidifier dedicated socket, Ventilator dedicated socket.Two Pressure gauges & one switch: it is convenient to check and switch between two bottles.Two pressure reducing valves: one for oxygen uptake(two outputs),another for ventilator(two outputs).

  Double -loop pulse switch control device
Both of the driver cab and medical cabin installed: Double -loop pulse switch control device ,its panel can be operated and display:1. light 2. AC/ DC switching 3.air renewal system 4. Front and back Intercom system 5. Digital display:Time、indoor temperature、indoor humidity、 Main & auxiliary battery 12V、AC 220V

  Smart charging control device
(a) Ensure the normal charging of the main battery (b) automatically shutdown prevent the generator from overloading, extend the life of generator (c)Due to independent work of auxiliary battery ,the power from main battery will not be charged

  Emergency start-up control device
When the battery is lower than 12V, the button of the Emergency start-up can quickly start car with the help of auxiliary battery.

  External power supply
External power supply (220V /16A waterproof、with protective cover),with 15 meters movable cable

  Exhaust fan
With two-way exhaust function.

  UV sterilizing light
When you stop the car, first push the green switch of the sterilizing light and then red switch, the light will work in 1 min, and stop automatically after 30 min.

  High density PVC sheet
PVC sheet with waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, Naisuan Jian, Fang Zhu, light weight, insulation, noise, shock absorption characteristics. Plate density level, and we use a high-density, it is difficult to produce scratches, the color can be long-term unchanged, not yellow, not aging.

  Medical antibacterial green sheet
The sheet passed the ISO9001 quality certification, at the same time through the CTI a variety of special items testing, after rigorous process to check the antibacterial sheet suitable for supporting a variety of medical equipment, can be anti-uv, high temperature and low temperature. No smell, toughness, impact resistance, waterproof, Naisuan Jian, light weight, with flame retardant and other properties. Designed by the mold by a one-time vacuum plastic molding.